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May 28, 2024

US Business News Round-Up: May 2024

US Business News Round-Up: May 2024

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the latest business news that has been released.


Tech Sector Surge:

Tech companies have been doing particularly well and reporting strong earnings. The AI and cloud computing sectors that have been on the rise continue to see growth. Large organisations like Microsoft and Apple have hit record stock prices also.


Small Business Funding Support: 

There have been new federal programs introduced which are designed to support US small businesses. These include grants and new low-interest loans aimed at encouraging innovation and sustainability practices.



Renewable energy suppliers see a boost with significant investments in solar and wind projects. This is part of the government initiative to incentivise greener technologies and practices for small businesses.


EU Trade Developments: 

The US enters new trade negotiations with the EU, focusing on reducing tariffs and improving market access for American goods.



Businesses have been ramping up cybersecurity measures after several high-profile data breaches. They have been investing in advanced security solutions in order to protect their data and digital assets.

You may find, amongst the latest news, opportunities for you to improve your business or discover the latest technology or schemes to support your venture.

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