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February 27, 2024

How to be a Better Networker and Human

How to be a Better Networker and Human

I don’t like the word networking. I realize that it’s ironic because I started a women’s’ networking group nearly 15 years ago and we have over 50 chapters in the U.S. 

I never really liked the word “networking” and even when I started FemCity, I didn’t want the word “networking” on our site. 

The word “networking” is defined as an exchange of information with others for professional and social contacts. Yes, you can see why I am not feeling the word and never did. 

I started to think about how I would redefine the word “networking” and produced this: creating friendships and relationships that lead to a network of referrals, opportunities, and prosperity. 

Just adding the words love, humanity, empathy, and kindness, make me feel better. It makes the word “networking” feel lighter and more purposeful. 

This new updated definition with these additional words not only makes us better networkers’ but also better humans. 

Beyond networking, these words are not only missing in the traditional definition of networking but also in many ways, they are missing from our current world. 

When we add love, humanity, empathy, and kindness, we vibe higher, we connect more profoundly, and we open up our space to allow more abundance, opportunities and prosperity to arrive. 

Today, I am sharing three ways we can become better networkers and therefore better humans. 

  • Get wildly curious of others and ask questions that go beyond the superficial.  Don’t stop at the “how ya doing” and step into asking questions that really dive into their journey, path, perspectives, and life. When we ask questions of others that lead to enriching conversations, it creates a more connected relationship. 

  • Learn how to listen to others without thinking of a response. This is one of the most difficult skills as most humans listen to respond with judgmental opinions, conflicting perspectives, heated debates, or ego-based personal points. Practice the art of listening with the focus being on the person sharing. Eye contact, facial connectivity, and a safe space to listen deeply connects us to one another. 

  • Kindness is another beautiful way to network and be a better human. Kindness means even if we haven’t had the same path, or we don’t’ share the same religion, or ethnicity, or race, we give validity to our individual stories and honor the beauty within us. Kindness means focusing on the commonalities we have and recognizing that we each have equal worth in this world. Kindness means that even with differences we share the sentiment that all have value, we are all worthy of love and each of us has light and love. 

Imagine what a difference each of us could make if we took these three action steps and started to implement them as we connect with each other. Just like evil, hate, racism, and bad juju is contagious, so is love, kindness, empathy, and compassion. 

We can start to shift into becoming better humans and networkers and start to add our little ripple of goodness in our communities. 

Even if it’s just a small ripple, many ripples make for a bigger wave of greatness and become better networkers. Be a better human. Make the world a greater place.


Written by The Business Show Miami media partners, FemCity.

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