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November 16, 2023

2024 Trends in Learning & Development

2024 Trends in Learning & Development

L&D as a Key Business Driver

Organizations have been under tremendous pressure to innovate and scale business operations in the face of increasing uncertainty. The companies that have been the most successful have been those that have leveraged learning and development (L&D) to improve business performance. 

L&D plays an essential role in supporting and empowering today’s workforce — from increasing employee engagement and talent retention to building an inclusive company culture and strong leadership pipelines. With more business leaders seeing a clear link between training and business success, L&D is ripe with opportunity to create value for the business — making it more important than ever for learning leaders to work together with senior leaders and stakeholders to establish a cohesive and unified vision for the future of the organization. 


2024  L&D Trends Include:

  1. AI’s Impact on L&D
  2. Making Content Engaging Event for the Disengaged Employee
  3. Upskilling and the Role of Competency Modeling
  4. Reinvestment in Instructor-Led Training


The key trends for 2024 reflect the growing prominence of L&D as a key business driver, helping organizations build the capabilities and skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex market. These trends can help learning leaders maximize the impact of their training initiatives for years to come.

Get the full report and insights on each trend. 


By Ken Taylor and Michelle Eggleston Schwartz, CPTM - Sent in by our 2024 partner Training Industry

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